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Fragrance List & Notes


Freshly washed linen drying in the warm spring breeze. Clean notes of lavender and lily are combined with undertones of lime and apple. Balanced with powdery musk and the fresh aroma of violet.

Notes: Top notes are lime, green apple and lemon; middles notes are cedar, jasmine and lily; base notes of lavender and musk.


An elegant and feminine fragrance of spiced florals, rich dark berries and musky white wood. This exotic blend combines the sensuality of blackcurrant nectar with modern chypre notes. Based on Si by Armani perfume.

Notes: Top note is blackcurrant nectar; middle notes are rose and freesia; base notes are vanilla, patchouli, white musk and amber.


A sensual, charming and addictive fragrance of rich gourmand notes and delicate florals. A heart of fresh coffee is harmonised with white florals and a sweet vanilla base for a seductive contrast between light and dark. Based on YSL’s Black Opium perfume.

Notes: Top notes are black pepper and anise; middle notes are orange blossom, fresh coffee and white florals; base notes are white patchouli, vanilla and musk


Earthy and nomadic, this warm fragrance evokes thoughts of a carefree lifestyle. Bursting with a fresh citrus top, alluring heart and woody base, this fragrance is a cult favourite for good reason. Based on Gypsy Water by Byredo. 

Notes: Top notes are lemon, bergamot, pepper and juniper; middle notes are incense, orris root and pine needles; base notes are sandalwood, vanilla and amber. 


Gilded and luxurious, this fragrance is a harmony of rich florals and delicate fruits. A sensual heart of red rose and orchid is rounded out by a sweet, woody base. Based on J’Adore perfume by Dior.

Notes: Top notes are bergamot and mandarin orange; middle notes are orchid, red rose, jasmine and violet; base notes are sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver and musk.


An exotic harmony of warm florals with a woody twist. Inspired by the soulful beauty of arid land with an alluring blend of spiced notes. Based on Mojave Ghost by Byredo. 

Notes: Top note is ambrette; middle notes are magnolia, violet and sandalwood; base notes are cedar, musk and amber.


A romantic and opulent blend of soft florals, spiced saffron and amber accords. A luxurious fragrance that will transport you to a chandelier decorated ballroom. Based on Baccarat Rouge 540 perfume by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

Notes: Top notes are jasmine and saffron; middle notes are ambergris and amberwood; base notes are cedarwood and fir resin.


 A fresh and fruity combination of juicy mango, strawberry and papaya rounded with a sweet base of toasted coconut and rich vanilla.

Notes: Top notes are strawberry and mango; middle notes are papaya and elderberry; base notes are coconut, vanilla bean and musk.


A refreshing fragrance evocative of relaxing under the sun on white silica sand. Fresh coconut, lime and verbena are combined for a tantalising aroma. Luscious vanilla and buttermilk are a soothing base to this invigorating fragrance. Based on Montego Bay Rhythm (Coconut & Lime) by Glasshouse Fragrances.

Notes: Top notes are lemon verbena and lime zest; middle notes are fresh coconut and peach; base notes are vanilla and buttermilk.


A vivacious, water-fresh summer scent of sliced watermelon. Balanced with pink grapefruit, honeydew and hibiscus for a naturally sweet aroma. Flirty notes of pink musk and creamy vanilla linger at the base.

Notes: Top notes are pink grapefruit and honeydew melon; middle notes are hibiscus and watermelon; base notes are pink musk and vanilla.


Just one bite isn’t enough with a deliciously ripe pineapple! This tart blend of juicy pineapple is sweetened with creamy notes of vanilla and caramel that linger at the base.

Notes: Top notes are pineapple and pear; middle notes are grapefruit and coconut; base notes are tonka bean, vanilla and caramel.


An earthy and seductive blend of tobacco, leather and rich vanilla. A warm twist on a classic vanilla fragrance.

Notes: Top notes are sage and iris; middle notes leather, cedarwood and tobacco leaf; base notes vanilla, malt and tonka bean.


Relish in an indulgent dessert of vanilla bean ice-cream with a generous swirl of warm salted caramel sauce. This gourmand fragrance is a delectable fusion of whipped buttercream and sweet spiced balsam, tonka bean and vanilla.

Based on A Tahaa Affair (Vanilla Caramel) by Glasshouse Fragrances.

Notes: Top notes are buttercream and balsam; middle notes are coconut, crushed salt and caramel; base notes are tonka bean and creamy vanilla.


An alluring and delicious fragrance that will have you dreaming of berry picking under the summer sun. The perfume of juicy and sun-ripened raspberries and blackberries is released first, followed by fresh white florals and rich notes of vanilla.

Notes: Top notes are dark raspberry and blackberry; middle notes are jasmine and white rose; base notes are vanilla and pink musk.